About Victoria

LOVE, GRATITUDE and SERVICE are the core of what I believe. LOVE is the greatest transformer of all. When one views life, thoughts, words and actions through the lens of LOVE, fear and chaos find it difficult to survive. We are all creators; no one is less or more than another. PEACE BEGINS WITHIN. When we are peaceful, loving, compassionate, accepting and forgiving of ourselves and others then it is amazing how our experience changes with friends, family, colleagues, clients, nature family, mother earth and all life. These are my beliefs that have formed through the years. What are your beliefs?

Have these beliefs always been known? Not consciously. At the soul level they certainly were and what an amazing journey of remembering it has been for the past 20 years; clearly an evolving journey, one that was never imagined. It has been a journey of remembering what is known within by our highest consciousness, soul, life force, essence and can be known by many other names.

This journey has been like a spiral, not a straight line. The experiences are the foundation for what is manifesting right now. It wasn’t obvious then but hindsight is a wonderful lens to see things more clearly isn’t it? It’s perfect. Who would have imagined that spiritual healing, teaching & coaching; being an author; facilitating and creating guided visualizations; creating meditation CD’s; assisting other writers who write from the heart; channeling guidance from Mary Magdalene and other Beings of Light; learning and practicing many energy healing therapies; and creating, speaking about and teaching programs about Integrative Vibrational Healing™ would be where the journey has led so far?

Who knows what is next? There is more to come and it will be more magical and powerful than can be created alone. Surrender, trust, belief and faith in the power of co-creating with the universe and infinite supply, God/Creator/Spirit/Source/All That is One, whatever name you choose to use, is required. Visioning and creating a life of abundance, prosperity, health, joy, peace, love, and wholeness is available to all.

This journey included many years and a variety of experiences spent in a traditional corporate environment, ending in a leadership role. What great teachers appeared along the way; relationships, family, friends, employees, bosses and clients to name a few. Were the lessons or experience always clear then? Not really. Now there is more conscious awareness. Then, conscious awakening hadn’t occurred, so to speak. It was more intuitive. Being and feeling in control was a belief. Now, this illusion is clear and has been replaced with humor. The only thing that is controlled are choices and the response to others choices. Choices made to please others and fear created some of the zigs and zags along the way. Nevertheless, they were the path chosen at the time.

Reclaiming the power within is powerful. Reconnecting with God, whatever you name the ONE source, realizing there is no separation; never has been nor ever will be, is freeing. It is amazing the strength that comes with owning, allowing and accepting all that we are in each moment; creating the life our heart desires. This too has been one of the most important parts of the journey to date.

Family has been another great teacher. Having a spouse/partner and children provided many opportunities to see things from the others point of view. Honoring, compromising, loving, and respecting one another has been part of the experience; once again valuing each individual’s contribution to the whole. Relationships and families provide us many opportunities for growth when we are consciously aware. They also provide us with great awareness of the value of balance and harmony.

Have all choices and answers been obvious on the journey? Not really. Sometimes the obvious is hidden through analysis and “what ifs”; clearly unnecessary when quiet mind, an open heart, and a willingness to receive inner guidance and wisdom are present. Are we alone? Never, we are ONE with ALL. There is interconnectedness to all life, seen and unseen. The only aloneness and separation is that which we create in our minds. The journey is one that reopens our hearts to love, compassion, forgiveness, and inner peace for ourselves and others. It is a journey that allows us once again to freely give and receive without limits or conditions. It is a journey of ever expanding consciousness for us and the greater consciousness through our experiences and choices.

I am humbled by the magnificence of each one of you; my teachers. I am honored to serve the greatest good and assist you on your journey. I am grateful to be here right now at this time when so much awakening is taking place. I love life and all creation. I am happy and grateful to BE.

Thank you for visiting…

With Great Love & Light,