We have provided you with 3 free meditation opportunities to enjoy. Each one varies in length. Experience one or all 3 as often as you like.  Walking the Labyrinth using your finger is a unique way to meditate without going outdoors or using your feet; however the experience is just as powerful. Guided visualization using the angels and a candle in the other two meditations assists you with your journey inward. You are guided inward, given time for reflection then guided outward once again.

What is meditation? In the simplest sense it is taking time to quiet ones mind enough to focus on spiritual matters. It is an inner journey that often leads to quieting logic and reason; providing a way to get in touch with what is in ones heart; reconnecting with and remembering ones own divinity.

Many describe meditation as a way to relax and release stress. Others might describe this state of mindfulness as reflective, introspective or contemplative. With a quiet mind, free of racing thoughts, answers to questions, next right actions, and clarity come more easily. This inner journey is one that evolves and provides a way for ones true self and inner wisdom to emerge. Creating a sacred space and time for this type of reflection is provided for you right here; right now.

As each experience begins, create an intention. If answers to questions are sought, release all needs or desires to control the outcome or answer including how it will come about; let go. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths to begin. Enjoy each journey whether walking the labyrinth, being guided by the angels or visualizing or watching a burning candle as your mind releases and relaxes. Allow yourself the feeling of joy and gratitude when answers appear with ease and grace. This may happen immediately during or after the meditative experience or sometime later. Trust that clarity will come and the more you let go it will come in ways that can delight and surprise you.

Visit this site as often as you like and enjoy each journey and experience. Please contact us or leave us feedback  if you find these meditations helpful.

Please visit our Walking The Labyrinth Meditation page and walk the labyrinth.¬† For our Angel Meditation and Candle Meditation just sign-up on the top right to receive these for free. We’ve included a sample, just below so you can experience this.

Angel Meditation Sample
from Guided Journeys CD

Candle Meditation Sample
from Reclaim Your Power CD