Walking The Labyrinth

Walk The Labyrinth Now!! Enjoy the evolving, mystical and often magical journey within following the Labyrinth path home to the Source of all knowing. Before entering ask a question, present a choice, enter seeking guidance or nothing; enter to relax. Laugh, smile, sing, dance, cry or be still. All things are possible.

Pause for just a moment, dear ones, and take a deep breath in and out. Release all of the tension and stress that you are feeling right now. Feel the call home and journey to the center of the Labyrinth and return outward when you are ready.

Walk the Labyrinth using your finger, walking inward, reaching the center. Remain until there are feelings of relaxation, peace, clarity, truth, love, or joy. Return outward, using your finger once again. Breathe deeply and carry the feelings or answers with you for the remainder of the day.

Visit this site as often as you like. The Labyrinth and mystical journey await you!



Click here and print out Meditation Labyrinth

Music by Suzy Jimerson Overholt – Celestial Clavinova Improvisations CD – Ethereal Lights Short Version