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Be All That You Are!

Be All That You Are Be All That You Are is a coloring storybook for all ages! Enter the dream and enjoy the star system journey filled with insights and positive affirmations, affirming and confirming who you are deep within! Personalize this unique storybook and make it your own. Color the illustrations. Have fun coloring the 12 mandalas, created to support the message of this story.

Feel the power and energy of the words and intentions behind the words. Feel the power of YOU! This story is created by me and the illustrations by Michelle Radomski.

Be All That You Are! (Book) – $19.95
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Be All That You Are! (Digital Book) – $12.95
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Act Of One

Act Of One Book

A true story about a 16 year old boys’ journey from fun loving jock to maturity. He shows us how one person can make a difference and that anything is possible when we persevere and gather the right people and resources together then focus on a common goal. Through his leadership and courage he enlists the aid of industry leaders, school administrators, and the President of the United States. Act of One is co-authored with Bruce A. Tully.

Act Of One! (Book) – $15.95

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Your Number Vibrations ~ Know Yourself Through Your Numbers

Know Yourself Through Your NumbersHow do numbers affect us? We feel the vibrations and frequencies they generate from the time we are born. We define our birth, death and daily living using numbers. Calendars, time, lists of things to do, age, body composition and success all have numbers associated with them. Our lives have an underlying and often forgotten link to numbers (numerology) and their vibrations just as our lives are linked to the planets (astrology), positions of the stars, sun and moon.

Understanding the vibrations of numbers and your own personal and unique set of numbers is yet another tool that provides insight to what is going on in your lives at any given moment. This is not to say that free will and choice are negated for it is our belief that free will and choice affect the journey and path at any given time.

Why is it important and helpful to understand the frequency of the numbers you have chosen to experience in each aspect of your life at this time? Remember, you have chosen your name and date and time of birth. The vibrational frequencies of the relationship of the vowels and consonants, date, time, location of your birth are relevant because they indicate the experiences that you have chosen to experience. They also assist with personal and universal growth of consciousness. In fact, some of these you may have already mastered and there may be some that still present opportunities for growth.

Understanding the vibrations of numbers (numerology) can assist you in understanding yourself with more clarity!

Your Number Vibrations (Book) – $21.95
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You Are A Healer

healercover_4815d300x450 YOU ARE A HEALER is written to expand your awareness and beliefs about healing. Channeled guidance and observation is presented in each chapter from Ascended Master Sananda, also known as Jesus, through Victoria, a powerful and neutral listener.

Explore the reasons why you have chosen the healing path. Awaken to the awareness that we are all healers. Learn that the healer’s path follows many roads, whether you choose healing as a profession or not. Allow yourself to open to new ways of thinking about healing and healers.

Allow, Accept and Own the glory and magnificence of the Divine you!

We are all healers and all things have consciousness. We have the ability to self-heal

You Are A Healer (Book) – $12.50
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Reclaim Your Power

Reclaim Your Power is a journey that will change your life if you choose! Let go of old beliefs and illusion and discover your heart’s desire. RECLAIM YOUR POWER – the power that was given away in many lifetimes including the present. Rediscover, allow, own and accept that LOVE is the greatest transformer of all.

Experience the guided meditations that lead you within to stillness where truth and wisdom are received from your higher consciousness – your true self. Recognize and know that you are not alone. Feel universal joy and love as you journey!

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Choice – A Simple Way to Peace

USA Book News “Award Winning Finalist” in Young Adult Fiction and New Age Fiction.

This story is told through Emily’s eyes, a young teen. Sometimes the younger we are the less complicated our choices seem to be. Follow Emily’s journey of self discovery and the choices she makes. Watch her explore and grow as she considers her life and how she feels about choice, change, love, peace, forgiveness and death.

Emily makes her choice; what will be yours? Will you choose Love? Will you choose Peace? What will you choose?

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