Guided Meditation CD

Guided Journeys “Meditations and Music for the Heart and Soul”

This CD was co-created with a gifted fourth generation musician named Randell. Listening to him play his Native American flutes touches the heart and soul. His music has been said “to paint beautiful pictures within the heart” inspiring others to find that place within themselves called home. With Spirit guiding us; a magical symphony was created to support the guided meditations. Enjoy the Guided Journey home as the angels, ancients and spirit guides lead you to the place of stillness within.

Track 1 The Journey Begins  

Track 2 Angel Guides  

Track 3 Feel The Light  

Track 4 Create Joy with  Hummingbird  

Track 5 Peace Begins Within  

Track 6 Soaring Eagle  

Track 7 The Journey Continues  

You can purchase our CD in 2 ways…

If you like having a physical CD, we ship via Priority Mail and FedEx.

For those loving MP3 downloads we offer all our tracks for a great price!

Guided Journeys CD – $15.00 buynew
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