Evolving Journeys offers services that transform, heal and help you evolve:

Do you feel like there is an inner struggle going on? Are you making a major decision about career, business, relationship, Spirituality or health? Are you feeling stressed and looking for more balance and relaxation? Are you restless but don’t know what is causing it? Are you repeating patterns and choices over and over? Is it difficult to focus or quiet racing thoughts? These are the feelings that clients often describe when they come to me for help. Do they sound familiar?

Every client is unique and each session is customized. I am intuitively guided, integrating a variety of therapies that can include: numerology, channeled guidance, “hands on” channeled energy, guided visualization; as well as the use of crystals, flower essences, color and sound therapies. Every client’s situation is individual and unique; however, this testimonial best describes what others have experienced:

“…Victoria helped clear away energetic blocks that were keeping me from enjoying success and fulfillment. With compassion, skill, and integrity, Victoria quickly and easily reaches the heart of each issue and facilitates release and healing that I have found efficient and effective. Since working with Victoria, my life experience is more peaceful, more prosperous, and more fulfilling. My heart is more open, and I am enjoying benefits on all levels… I highly recommend Victoria and all she offers.” ~Yvonne Sanford

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Enjoy the Journey…