Reclaim Your Power . . . Recapture Your Brilliance!®

An Introduction

Storm Wisdom

November 6th & December 11th & January 8th – 6:30p-8:30p


How well do you know yourself?

Do you find it hard to trust your own instincts and gut feeling?

Are old habits and beliefs limiting the life you are creating?

In this introductory class you will learn about some of the tools that give you insights into YOU!

For example, the four types of Human Design—how we are “hardwired” and the importance of knowing your number vibrations and how your Life Path shows you why you are here.

  • Participate in an exercise that helps confirm how powerful you are.
  • Experience a different form of meditation by coloring a mandala where you may feel the vibration of the colors and insights are revealed as you become engaged and involved in the process of coloring.

These experiences are provided to give you a “taste and feel” of what our Reclaim Your Power . . . Recapture Your Brilliance!® Mastery Class is all about. This is where we go into depth and look at your individual information—tailoring the class to you!

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About the Facilitators:

Gisela Arenas
Author, intuitive channel and energy practitioner best describe Gisela Arenas. Serving clients worldwide with a gentle approach and open heart Gisela helps her clients “Live Their Soul Design”; embrace love of self; feel empowered; and ignite the Divine Light and gifts within.

Gisela can be reached at

Victoria Barna
Author, life coach, speaker, intuitive channel and energy practitioner best describe Victoria Barna, M.A. Serving clients worldwide, Victoria uses traditional and nontraditional approaches for personal growth and helps you “Reclaim Your Power . . . Recapture Your Brilliance!”®

Victoria can be reached at

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