Personal Mastery

Reclaim Your Power . . . Recapture Your Brilliance!®

Personal Mastery Program

For individuals who enjoy a more personalized approach.

This Personal and Private Mastery program includes 8 individual sessions totaling 11 hours of personal interaction. Personal coaching support is provided between scheduled sessions. How well do you know yourself? Do you find it hard to trust your own instincts and gut feeling? Are old habits and beliefs limiting the life you want to create? In this Personal Mastery Program you will gain insights; receive confirmations; and use practical tools that help you to Reclaim Your Power and Recapture Your Brilliance!®

bul_05 Learn to trust your own instincts and gut feelings

bul_05 Learn to accept yourself and others without judgment

bul_05 Recognize and release old habits, beliefs, and limitations

bul_05 Gain new insights

bul_05 Confirm what you know is right for YOU

bul_05 Receive and use practical, easy, and fun tools that help you
      Reclaim Your Power and Recapture Your Brilliance!®

bul_05 Experience shifts and changes in a safe and fully supported way

8 individual private sessions uniquely designed for YOU!

Meeting times scheduled in person or over the telephone; 11 total hours.

Program Outline:

Sessions I & II – Know Yourself (2) 2 hour sessions; 4 hours total.

  • Welcome & Introduction/ Overview Program
  • Use e-mail between sessions to stay connected and answer questions or help to move energies. Phone call if appropriate.
  • Review the tools that give us insights to ourselves.
  • Discuss how beliefs, attitudes and perceptions affect our lives. Let go of old habits, patterns, beliefs, etc.
  • What does Human Design tell us about ourselves?
  • Review the Life Path, personal year, and challenge numbers and discuss.
  • Clear energies as needed.
  • Journal what you notice shifting and changing between sessions.

Sessions III & IV – Live Your Purpose (2) 1.5 hour sessions; 3 hours total.

  • Share what’s shifted or changed; as well as any new awareness since last session.
  • What does it mean to reclaim your power? How does this apply to you?
  • Why do we look to others for answers? Is this true for you?
  • How do we learn to trust what we know is right for us?
  • Are you ready to BE all that you are?
  • Move energies; release old habits, blocks, and perceptions.
  • Introduce Awaken, Discover, Create Your Heart’s Desire process.
  • Homework: Complete story/coloring book, Be All That You Are and journal experience. Begin Awakening 7 day journey.

Session V – VII – Awaken, Discover, Create Your Heart’s Desire: The Journey (3) 1 hour sessions

  • Share experience of coloring meditation and any shifts or changes that are noticed.
  • Review and discuss Awakening journey.
  • Move energies as needed.
  • Introduce and discuss discuss Discovery process. (1st 1 hour session)
  • Introduce and discuss discuss Creating process. (2nd 1 hour session)
  • Introduce and discuss discuss Celebration and Next Steps process.
    (3rd 1 hour session)

Session VIII – It’s time to celebrate! (1) 1 hour session

  • Share 21 day journey experience. Answer questions. Move energies as needed.
  • Celebrate!!
  • Integrate. Discuss next steps. For example: Private coaching; more focused support; a new program; or something else.


Receive these bonuses valued at $800:

  • Know Your Number Vibrations Workbook
  • Be All That You Are Story Coloring Book
  • Reclaim Your Power book & companion CD
  • Awaken, Discover, Create Your Heart Desire 21 Day Personal Growth System
  • Awaken, Discover, Create Your Heart Desire Affirmation Cards
  • Individual coaching via e-mail or telephone during program
  • 1 hour coaching call 1 month later to check progress after program ends

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Investment: $1200 – payment options available. All class materials and bonuses are provided.

Info needed to register: Name, birth month, date, and year; you will receive a link in an email to fill out this information soon after registration.

About your Coach:

Victoria Barna
Author, life coach, speaker, intuitive channel and energy practitioner best describe Victoria Barna, M.A. Serving clients worldwide, Victoria uses traditional and nontraditional approaches for personal growth and helps you “Reclaim Your Power . . . Recapture Your Brilliance!”®

Are you ready for Mastery? If so, Register Now